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Our Story

As developer of the Fountains at Gateway, seeing firsthand the stress companies go through in researching, locating, negotiating, leasing, building, and furnishing office space, I kept thinking that there had to be a better solution.

During the last quarter of 2019, I spent most of my time researching the top-rated shared-office concepts across the country looking for ideas. I then traveled to visit the most notable ones in Orlando, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Pensacola, Boston, and even London. And I’d return home with the distinct feeling that the communal concept of people massed together in predominantly class-B space had a lot of downsides, and of the 50 or so I toured, there was only one that I would of even considered using. And these were the cream of the crop.

So I started brainstorming a concept that went the opposite direction. During my travels, I had been doodling on an idea for a self-contained modular office “studio” that functioned as a personal cockpit optimized for productivity, but I couldn’t find anything on the market even close to what I envisioned. While in London visiting their shared office concepts (which they call “serviced offices”), I met the owner of an office furniture manufacturer based in Haverhill UK. We hit it off because they had come up with something similar and their build quality was impeccable. We spent February and March flying back and forth fleshing out this new concept, and building a prototype to test here.

A viable alternative for companies wanting ultimate flexibility without having to sacrifice anything.

During this time, we were also designing the 10,000 sf prototype facility at Fountains that would feature these “studios”, as well as glass-walled team offices, and spacious light-filled open spaces, all aimed at what we felt could be the next generation of officing. And where short-term commitments, move-in ready spaces, and class-A modern architecture and design could create a viable alternative for companies wanting ultimate flexibility without having to sacrifice anything.

Little did we know that a week after our London-based tech flew back to London after installing our prototype, that travel would be suspended and the world would change.

Although we were already well underway with construction of this new concept, Covid hit at a time that allowed us to be able to double down on our direction. We added a personal ventilation system to each studio, and we are adding UV sterilization to our HVAC systems so that bacteria or viruses are zapped before airflow comes back into the space.

We may have stumbled into a new office paradigm for the post-Covid world.

We gradually realized that we might be swerving into the optimum answer for remote workers as well as for companies needing safe class-A satellite space to allow their employees to be productive where they live without driving downtown.  Having large “freight-sized” elevators, touch-free entrances, an adjacent spacious stairwell with full finishes, and ample free parking rounded out the “safety” proposition.

It’s now the middle of July 2020, and I’m seeing articles almost daily about the “office of the future”, and realizing that we just completed building it this past week!

The fact that we pre-leased 12 of the 16 team offices and half a dozen of the studios before we were even finished seems to indicate we may have stumbled into a new office paradigm for the post-Covid world. And that our plan to expand into adjacent space will need to start much sooner than expected! And using the “studio” as our canvas, we’ve worked with our London designers to create 7 different furnishing configurations so users can tailor their environment to suit them. 

Everyone that tours claims that they’ve never seen anything like this space. Having studied and visited the top shared office concepts out there, I can concur that there’s nothing like it in the US. or the UK.

As with anything we do, Studio is a labor of love first, with the hope for profitability later, and not the other way around. So my question for every member is always a variant of “how can we raise the bar even further”.

And I believe I’ve finally found a shared office space I’d love to work in.

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about fountains at gateway

Fountains at Gateway is a new Class A, mixed-use development that serves three distinct purposes – as a walkable corporate office campus, upscale dining and retail district, and community event and entertainment venue. Phase one of the 31-acre development includes One Fountain Plaza – a four-story, 105,500-square-foot office building – and two retail buildings with more than a dozen eateries, shops and services.

Office tenants at One Fountain Plaza enjoy an upscale environment and advanced technologies in addition to lifestyle amenities that include extensive greenspace, a corporate putting green, and restaurants and a coffee shop just a few steps from the office.

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